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Written by ElizabethKSwann


Pirates of the Caribbean with a modern day twist. 

This is set in the 21st century. 

Everyone is still the same. 

Port Royal is a small beach town in the Caribbean. 

Governor Weatherby Swann is still Governor and his daughter 
is Elizabeth Swann. They live in the Governor's mansion. 

William Turner is still a blacksmith. And he was saved by 
the Swann's as a child from a boating accident. He doesn't 
remember his childhood before the Swann's found him.

Elizabeth Swann is very independent and not into her 'title' 
as the Governor's daughter. She hates it quite a bit. She is 
often treated differently because of it. And all she yearns for 
is to learn more about the life of modern day Pirates.

Norrington is the head of the Police in the small town having just 
been given his new position. And is also in love with Miss Swann and 
about to ask for her hand in marriage.

Jack Sparrow is a famous Pirate/Gypsy in and around the Caribbean 
and most islands. No one is able to catch him nor his ship the Black 
Pearl. He is usually seen alone or with Anamaria by his side.
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