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1. No harassing other players on list or in private. Here's some good advice to follow in order to make sure you never violate this rule. If you can't say something nice do not say anything at all.

2. All OOC: (out of character) comments and discussions must be labeled as such.

3. If another player's character is not behaving the way you expect them to act, do not get mad or take it personally. In other words, accept the fact that you cannot always have your way. We all need to co-operate with each other.

4. If you see something in an OOC comment that you do not like, DELETE the message and move on. As I stated in Rule 1, "If you can't say something nice do not say anything at all."

5. You may not kill, maim or mortally injure any character that is not your own without the permission of the person playing the character in question.

6. You may not write actions or dialogue for any one else's character without that person's permission.

7. All original characters belong solely to the creator and those characters may not be used by any other player without the creator's permission.

8. Please take all disagreements off the list to private email or contact me and I will assist you in resolving the matter to the best of my ability. It is highly suggested that all players try to resolve any problems they might have for the well being of the group.

9. This game is for players only and lurking is not allowed. There is only one exception to this rule. If you are new to the game you may lurk for a while in order to become familiar with the characters and story. However, if you fail become an active participant you will be removed from the list.

10. Please make sure you have time to post regularly before signing up to play one of the main PotC characters. Since these characters are integral to the story, we need people who can post on a regular basis to play them, in order to keep the game moving at a reasonable pace. Therefore we are imposing the following rule. If you are playing one of the characters from the movie and do not post within 3 or 4 days, an understudy can take over the role until you return. If you do not post within 30 days, the character will be placed back on the available characters list. This rule is not totally inflexible. If there are extenuating circumstances, please email one of the moderators.

11. This list is Rated R, if you think you won’t be able to handle an R rated list then maybe this game is not for you.

12. The subject line of each post must contain the name of the characters involved in the scene, and the location. (For example: Black Pearl: Jack/Will)

13. Please try to reply to posts involving your character within 24 hours. I realize this is not always possible, but please do your best.

14. Posts must contain more then 3 lines. Another words no short posts. NO one liners. They are too hard to reply back to.

15. You may play in first person or third person. It is up to the player on which way they choose to write their posts. If you do choose to write in first person please put the character's name at the top.
Blah Blah Blah Blah. And so on and so on. (You get the hint.)

16. I have no problem in original characters being female, but lets try and keep the female population aboard a ship to a very, very low number. It wouldn't be accurate if we have 10 females aboard one ship. 

17. Do not spam other games/discussion lists without my permission. 

18. No long lost children or sisters/brothers of the characters. 

Last Rule: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

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