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Full Name: Joshua Swann

Nickname(s): Josh

Age: 26

Height: 5'11

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Family: His Father is Governor Weatherby Swann. His Sister is Elizabeth Swann. Their Mother is diseased. (I don't think they ever mentioned Elizabeth's Mother before.)

Who they might know (if anyone): His Father, His Sister Elizabeth, Norrington (Though he would rather he didn't.) And William Turner.

Occupation: He is in Law School. He didn't start till he was 20. He had taken two years off to travel and clear his mind. Make sure Law was what he truly wanted. Still not certain of what he truly wants in life he went ahead with Law School but he has been taking his sweet time.

Personality: He is a lot like his Sister. Stubborn, strong willed, free spirit. Not at all spoiled by his Father's title. His Sister and he were raised to always treat people equally. He has a very kind heart and is willing to help anyone and give them the benefit of the doubt. Background: Raised by his Mother and Father till his Mother's death after the birth of his Sister. They had nothing but the best. When Elizabeth was ten his Father wanted to move them to Port Royal. Being that he was already 18 at the time he took off on his travels. But he often came to Port Royal to see his Sister as she is the most important thing in his life. They have always been very close. Even with him in London at University. Deciding he needed a break from school and life in London he has come home to Port Royal to be with his Sister and hide her from Norrington. He doesn't very much like the man and is none to happy with the way he sniffs around his baby sister.

Played By (IE:Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, Billy Corgan): Ewan McGregor

Player (just the first part of your email addy. You know the part that goes before the 'at' symbol): ME!!!! lol... j/k.. ElizabethKSwann

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