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This is not your typical Pirates of the Caribbean game. This takes place a year after Jack got away. Only there was no happy ending. Governor Swann was not to thrilled with Elizabeth 'settling' for a Blacksmith. And so he forbid her from seeing William Turner.

Elizabeth did not find any of this fair. She did not care that Will was only a blacksmith. He loved her and risked everything to save her. And so she would do that for him. She loved him and would risk it all, by sneaking around to see him. It was hard, but they made it work. And whenever she felt someone was on to them they would not see each other for a few days, sometimes weeks.

We find the famous Captain Jack Sparrow risking it all to come back to Port Royal to get William Turner. It seems good ole Bootstrap Bill Turner is alive and well. And not in a good mood as he has left many bodies in his trail. This is not normal behavior for him. And Jack in concerned for his old friend. And so he feels that with Will on board they could find him together.

William game to get out of Port Royal agrees to go with Jack. Only one thing. They must take Elizabeth with them.

So all three and the crew of the Pearl set out for a great adventure. Will they find Bootstrap? Will the Pearl be Jack's only companion? Will Elizabeth and Will be able to make it through all the hell to be together? And will Jack the Monkey make an appearance? To answer all these questions join our adventure and soon we will find out.

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